July 2019 

Having not been on a run for around 12 years I decided it was time to jump back into it. I had been all over within reason years back to the likes of Scarborough, Bridlington, Southport, Skegness, Whitby etc, and many Yorkshire scooter alliance runs. I really enjoyed them back in the day with the club I was in and we had some good old times. So to get my foot back in the door and not being in a club I took advantage of going to a camping do, at a place only about 5 miles from me organised by the Tyke scooter club. The weather forecast was due to be good but,,,, it wasnt!

 I travelled light and bought a 1 man tent. Easy to put up and luckily for me I managed to get it built in a break in the weather. I had a stove and a kettle and some beers so what else would I need?

 So my coffin, I mean tent housed all my essentials and me but little else. Getting changed was a challenge but luckily the little thing was waterproof. As well as that believe it or not that was the first time the scoot had been out in the real rain.

 Other people were camping too but they had better facilities then me. And they had friends, I had turned up on my own not knowing anyone. But we all spoke the same language of scooter so there is no problem there.

 The venue was a great pub called the Rock and Heifer at Thornton Bradford. They had it set up well with a small parts fair and a help for heros stall. As well as that there were some bands on later that evening so all was good. Unfortunately the run out was cancelled because the weather was terrible and some poor chap had a spill down the road and thankfully he was ok.

 After a few beers I went for a siesta in my coffin, it was very windy and rainy and more windy and rainy.

 So I got scared. But manned up and went to enter my scooter in the scooter show. I had no intention of doing this but I was talked into it by two chaps from Pontefract. One chap was on a scoot the other guy was on a Harley, you dont need a scooter to enjoy the scene.

 I'm told there would have been lots more scoots if it was not for the weather, Did I mention it was terrible? I'm also told it has bounced it down for the last 4 years on this scooter do.

 There it is, bottom right doing its best to look cool infront of all the other brave souls that were battling the conditions. There were some nice scoots and there were some that had already left. You had to feel for the band that were playing to an empty carpark for much of he afternoon.

                Anyway I won best Vespa, and it made all the rain and crap weather all seem worth it after all.