So who am I. 

2001 Vespa PX 125
2001 Vespa PX 125

 Hello all, 

Well I’m a regular guy much like most people with a regular job and a regular family. I do however have an interest in scooters as in my view there is nothing cooler. I served a mechanical electrical apprenticeship and have always been curious on how things work. 
 I bought my first scooter, a 2001 Vespa PX 125 in 2003 and did various cosmetic upgrades to it. I sold that (regretably) and made someone from the lake district a happy man, to fund a project in 2007 . The proceeds of that sale bought me a 1972 Vespa GTR, that came partially in pieces. That was my first delv into a restoration project. 

 I have a garage and some tools but nothing specialised. I have a reasonable knowledge of engines and the workings of brakes etc, but I have never taken them apart and looked at them in detail. That was about to change.  

 As well as the scooters themselves I have embarked on making scooter related items as you will see on the tabs above. It keeps me out of trouble and it is something I really enjoy doing.

 So what I am saying is anybody with any inkling of what they are doing can have a go at a restoration, the more you do yourself the cheaper the project can be. The more friends you have that can help out the better, and for the price of a few beers your project can develop. My uncle Dave and cousin Richard have been an incredible help in the body work of the scoots and their knowledge is huge. My Dad helped out in the Vespa project and gave me his knowledge of brakes and a little on the engine. Use the people you know.. The internet is full of information and there are some very good forums and websites to help you along with all kinds of people from all over the world who enjoy advising and assisting where possible on people's scooter related issues. I have had many a trawl through the internet to gather info on problems I have had with much success. The trick is just have a go and see where you get to. There is nothing that cant be replaced or repaired.

 As well as that there are many scooter clubs around and they too have lots of people who love to talk scooters and help where they can. Take a look at the scooter meetings that are happening all the time and get yourself along to see what goes on and ask questions. People love to talk about their hobby so tap into their knowledge.

 I enjoy my hobby and getting in the garage to fit my latest upgrade, do some polishing of the scoots or getting one out to go for a run. I'm hoping to get another project soon and will be posting on here my progress as it happens (although I have to get that one past the missus). If you have any questions on any of my projects or anything in general, I would love to try and help so get in touch using the contact button below.