Back Box

June 2019

  Ok so I needed some storage and wanted to have something that looked kind of traditional but offered some security, granted it's not much security but it locks. Having recently thrown a bed out and keeping the lats I had some wood to knock something together with. Again you don't need to be talented to make something like this and you only need a saw a drill and some time.

 You can see here I have cut enough wood for two boxes. I do them all at once as it saves time once I have set a measurement on my saw. I also pre-driled the holes so once the assembly was started it goes together quite quickly.

 It starts to take shape very quickly.

 You can see one I made earlier on the Lamby.

 Start on the lid and fixing spar.

 So this literally took me 2 hours to get it to this point, I cut all the pieces of wood to length and then drilled all the holes before gluing and screwing together. Quite simple!
 Then I fit the hinges.

 Here I am drilling a ferrel or a piece of metal tube to put the rope in and become a fastener on the inside of the box. Look at the rope, when you make a cut in rope always put tape around the area to be cut and cut in the centre. This will mean both ends of rope have tape on when cut and will not fray.

 I have drilled a hole for the screw. The rope will go in the tube and the screw will go through the tube and rope on the inside of the box, this secures the rope.

I have also conected a chain as a lid stop, this will stop it falling all the way back.

 I drew around the outline of the picture and freehanded the internals of the drawing, Not a bad effort I would say.

 Very cool, and anything left over heats the house up. This box I use to keep my kindling and fire starting gear in. Much better than the plastic box I used to have.

 Ok make sure all the screws are screwed horizontal (looks more professional) add some rope handles and a lock and stick it on the scoot using pipe clamps. My own stencilling and two coats of varnish and here we have it. I also ran some silicone sealant in the gaps between the wood slats on the inside (not shown in this picture) to offer some waterproofing for the items inside. It is a smart little item.

 Plenty of room, the fuel is fastned in so it cant slide around and the obligatory bungee set neatly wrapped up. lots of room for some beers. Hic!
 Another version, built on request for someone. You can see I have cut out the profile of Adidas and some targets using a coping saw.

I mean, just super cool!

 Here we go and in my view it looks fabulous and once being used it quickly becomes a necessity as I can get 12 cans of lager it that. It is also quick release in the fact it has thumb screws securing it to the back rack, these are now on the outside so you dont need to empty the box to get it off.

 I was offered 30 quid for this by someone who is not a scooterist but wanted it for her home. She was just walking buy and thought it was brilliant. Made my day that did.