I don't have many tips an tricks but what I have learnt I will share here.

 Vinegar for rust! 

 When you are doing a project, invariably you will have rusty parts. Yes renewing is probably the best option but there are sometimes that you want to retain the original parts and a good way to bring them back to life is to soak your rusty metal parts in vinegar for a day or two. The vinegar acts an acid and dissolves the rust so when you take the parts out of the soak, the rust just brushes off with a wire brush. Depending on the level of rust determines if the part can be used again. But try this as it really does work. Remember to then treat said parts to prevent further rusting.

Lemon juice for carb!

  Here is one I have learnt from the internet. So the carb on the Lamby was really gunked up. It had, had a hard life and it was full of goo. I stripped it down to individual components and put the lot in a pan of lemon juice and boiled them for about 15 mins. The bits came out like new with all the years crud dissolved and clean. This worked a treat, however! what it does do is dull the aluminium of the carb body. This was not an issue to me and I now have a 66 year old working carb.

Warm that rubber up!

 So it's time to fit the rubber trim, this can be difficult especially in the running board channels. Take some time to soak the rubbers in warm/hot water, not so hot you cant touch it. This will make the rubber supple and with a bit of washing up liquid will make the job of fitting a whole lot easier.

Lambretta accessories from LamFab.

  Take a look at this page for some good items for your lambretta. I have the fuel tray fitted its a quality item and the service is excellent. It fits neatly under the panel and holds 1 litre of fuel in case you run low or out. Have a look at the battery tray they also do.

Lambretta clutch compressor.

 During stripping down of the lambretta engine to replace the bearings and seals and the piston rings. I came across the problem of dismantling the clutch. Now you can buy these tools or you can knock them up in your garage using a bit of angle metal. I had some angle alluminium kicking about and with the use of a saw and a drill knocked this up. It's not pretty but worked perfectly well and cost me......ZIP! 

Cutting Rope.

 If you are going to make a box and want to cut some rope for the handles, I recommend running tape around the rope nice and tight at the spot you intend to cut. Once this is done cut the rope in the middle of the tape and this will leave both ends with tape on so it does not fray.

Coil tester.

 This is a handy gadget to give you an indication on just how well your spark system is working. It connects into the plug cap and is earthed via a croc clip to the engine. Remove the spark plug before you kick it over to remove compression. You then unscrew the thread until the spark stops jumping. If there is a large gap such as mine had you can be happy your coil is working. I would do this with a warm engine/coil as coils can change their behaviour with heat.